Dhananjay Parmar
Dhananjay Parmar 
Don’t wait for the perfect moment
Take the moment And make it perfect

Hi dear friend's,
My own company name is "Dhananjay Asia Company"i am "One Man Show" in my company.

Dhananjay Asia Company , Logo

My own company work detail
Company name - Dhananjay Asia Company 
Founder / Entrepreneur - Dhananjay Parmar 
Since - 30 July 2000
(1) Projects (1st) - Art Jewellery (Artificial Jewellery)
Work - Marketing / Sales
Operation - Mumbai (INDIA),(ASIA)
Work Since - 30 July 2000

Product :
  • Bracelets,
  • Chains,
  • Bangles,
  • Pendant,
  • Nacklaces,
  • Bead Jewellery.
(2) Projects (2nd) - Blog , Google Plus
Work - Extreme World Info Share, E-Advertising, E-Marketing, E-Hording
Operation - Worldwide

Platform - Cyber
Work Since - 23 June 2010

Product :
  • Advertising (In My Live Blog) (From : 23 June 2010),
  • Extreme World Info,
  • E-Hoarding, We provide E-Hoarding ( Internet / Digital Advertising ) with Pin Post on Google Plus Community, we are also available in all major Cities of the World. (From : 30 June 2016),
  • Video Editing ,(Everything in : HD , 4K) (From : 30 June 2016).
  • Photography Videography (From : 15 September 2017).
(3) Department Name - "Dhananjay One" (Under "Dhananjay Asia Company")
Projects (3rd) – Top Level External Affairs, Public Communications
Work – Blog & Website Create, Search & Gathering Top Level Info VIA Internet
Operation - Worldwide

Platform - Cyber
Work Since - 23 June 2010

Product :
  • Website,
  • Blog,   
  • Profile,  
  • Social Media Optimization,    
  • Indexing, 
  • Tag Indexing, 
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), 
  • Intranet Development,
  • E-Mail Marketing,
  • Content Management,
  • Application Development,

Dhananjay Parmar  : Memento of Appreciation : For , Digital Marketing : From : The Association of Real Estate Agents ( AREA ) , Nayan Shah ( Mayfair Housing ) President Elect MACHI - CREDAI , Dominic savio Romell ( Romell Real Estate Pvt. Ltd.) Secretary MACHI - CREDAI , The Maharashtra Chamber of Housing Industry (MCHI) , Confederation of Real Estate Developers' Associations of India (CREDAI) ( 17th June 2018 , Mumbai )

Dhananjay Parmar
I am number one in worldwide search, 
just two key word's "Dhananjay Parmar" enter in google search and , google first page show first my detail info in google search page's.

I am start my this blog , Date - 23 June 2010 , Everday 40 to 60 person visit my blog (in 24hrs) and some person call or send SMS , Email - me and share experience with me about my blog. I am show realy how many person visit my blog and everybody see this one live counter in my blog, uppar right side "Total Number Of Visitors" number is change every time. my blog stats 30% Indian vistor and other 70% Worldwide visitor.

Question - how we Advertise my Blog ?
Question - how public know about my blog ?
Question - how public know about me ?
Answer - We send Welcome SMS messages to all india level. and every mobile number receive one(1) SMS messages, from my mobile number. with my blog detail. And also we send Welcome Email messages worldwide level. all Email address receive one(1) Email messages, from my Email address. with my blog detail.

Dhananjay Parmar
Blogging as a Career Future ?
Blogging as a Career - Is It Practically Possible ?
I would Like to Say - YES

Blogging has emerged as the new career among the Indians. There are lot of youngsters in India, who adopted blogging as a career in India. They are doing full time blog writing in their blogs and earning a great income from their blogs. The peoples who are not interested in doing jobs in other organisations just like me… Can adopt blog writing as a career.

Blogging as a career in India is rapidly growing career opportunity in India. Most of the brilliant peoples in India are leaving their jobs and try to start professional blogging to make blogging as a career in India by sharing their knowledge and guiding the peoples online.
Future of Blogging as a Career in India

·         What I personally Feel ?
·         I feel this may be very smart career…. Do you know How ? Because I adopted this Career….
·         Blogging as a career in India may be very nice because… The number of internet users are increasing day by day..
·         To get knowledge about any topic, maximum users search on the internet and in search engines also.
·         Blogs of the popular bloggers contains the information and guide to give the answer of the readers.
·         What I do – I always read other blogs to get knowledge about any specific topic in any specific blogs for that topic.
·         IF you have perfect knowledge about subject of your blog then You are the perfect person who is adopting blogging as a career in India.
Why This Career attracts the Youngsters ?

·         This Business can be run from any where in the world.
·         No time punctuality is required to adopt blogging career.
·         This opens multiple ways to generate income from Home.
·         No Boss ! over your head… Blogging let you to be your own Boss.
·         No Big Investment required to Start it. It can be start with few thousands only.
·         This career helps you in making strong identity with your own brand name.
·         ROI is very high… If we compare with any other Business.
·         No Need to search the buyers or clients… Users will Search your blog or you on the net.
·         Blogging as a career in India can make you very famous India… Every one wants name and fame.
Who Can Start Blogging as a Career

·         Minimum requirements to adopt blogging as a career are as follows below -
·         You should have perfect knowledge about English.
·         Your knowledge about the subject of blog must be wide.
·         Having a blog or website is the basic requirement to start blogging as a career.
·         Ability to describe the topics in details and in easy language also.
·         Fresh mind and creativity to write topics in the way which readers will like.
·         Finally Money and Time which is the soul of your Blog.
There are lot of successful bloggers in World who started the blogging as a career in World, and they became rich in very short time. The main thing they do is they always give full time to their blogs.
IF you are going to start blogging as a career then one thing you should keep in Mind… that is Dedication.

In this way there is a great future of blogging as a Career in World and your career also.

Dhananjay Parmar
Dhananjay Parmar

Riwayat ki rawadaari bohat hai
Yahan rishtoN ki beemaari bohat hai
Bohat hi toot kar milti hai dunya
Magar is me adakari bohat ha

Take Care, Thank you,