Dhananjay Parmar
Dil Jo Hai Aag Laga Doon Os Ko,
Aur Phir Khud Hee Hawa Doon Os Ko,
Jo Bhee Hai Os Ko Ganwa Betha Hai,
Mein Bhala Kaisay Ganwa Doon Os Ko ?
Tujh Gumaan Per Jo Emaarat Ki Thi,
Sochta Hoon K Mein Dhaa Doon Os Ko
Jism Mein Aag Laga Doon Os Ke,
Aur Phir Khud Hee Bujha Doon Os Ko,
Hijr Ki Nazar Tou Deni Hai Osay,
Sochta Hoon Ke Bhulaa Doon Os Ko,
Jo Nahee Hai Meray Dil Ki Dunya,
Kyun Na Mein ‘Jhon’ Mita Doon Os Ko ?

Life – The Way I See it !
What I am going to share with you all is my own learning of life which I have personally experienced, learned, read, visualized or maybe just imagined and that’s all my thoughts cumulatively and collectively bundled up in a single piece of write up.

What I have learnt from my life:
  • Life is sometimes cruel but it is not intolerable always 
  • One day or the other, everyone is going to hurt you but you have to decide what’s more important the issue or the relation.
  • To avoid jealousy, compete with your own self
As beautifully said by Denis Waitley:
“The most splendid achievement of all is the constant striving to surpass yourself and to be worthy of your own approval”

  • Competition (jealousy) and friendship can’t go hand in hand 
  • Live your best moments with your family and with your friends 
  • Listening to someone’s problems might not lessen it but it surely lessens the pain
  • Spending some time with children will give you eternal happiness, the stupidity, the innocence and the charm when a child holds your hand … these are the moments of Life…. Live them !
  • Start Living…Stop Complaining…Lil things around U give lil happiness but guess what…those all LIL Happiness Collectively makes your day Worthwhile!!! Enjoy little things happening around u and turn your ANOTHER Ordinary day into JUST another Enjoyable day from Now ON 
  • I have learned to care people too much, not because I expect them to care about me in return but because I know the Pain of being Ignored !
  • Ups and downs are the flavor of Life…. just look closer at your heartbeat (ECG)…..and you will that they show that you are ALIVE !!!…. the day they become straight or smooth … the day your life ends !!!
  • Going with the flow sometimes work for you but there are times when you feel that the flow was not fast enough to wash away your past !!!
  • Love is nothing but a blindfold, while you are being tied with it, U feel U have become blind in real…you can’t see the rights and wrongs happening around U !!! but suddenly an accident gets the blindfold down and you realize that neither were U blind nor was your every step/decision right !!!
  • Forgive others Smilingly….. it not only gives comfort to other person but also relieves your tension to extreme !!!
  • The bitterest fact life taught me is….. The number of People who are against U will always be more than the number of People who appreciates U 
  • Always Be Yourself….Because the People that matter won’t mind…and the People who mind….. Don’t Matter !!!
  • Life is already very Complicated……….. Do not make it more complex by fighting with your friends 
  • Life means to struggle…better struggle with a smiling face …… to shrug off all the tensions rather then … frowning n getting irritated to increase the frustration
  • U don’t really understand the value of your closed ones … Until…… either U r deeply hurt by them …. or they are going away
  • If Luv is the best feeling in the world…. then I guess….. Friendship is the BESTEST 
  • There’s only one relation in the world……. that is of MOM n a Child !!! Everything else is just a mere compromise….. dependency or sometimes necessity for the time being
  • Its never to late to accept your mistake and repentance,and ALLAH will always forgive !!!
  • Stop Complaining …. There are Millions of People who are Less Privileged then U … Be Grateful to ALLAH … ALWAYS

What I have learnt from my life:
Tomorrow’s Life too Late…… Forgive today !
Tomorrow’s Life too Late…… Appreciate today !
Tomorrow’s Life too Late…… Make Someone smile today  !
Tomorrow’s Life too Late…… Make others feel valued and Luved today  !
Tomorrow’s Life too Late…… Love today !
and Most Importantly Tomorrow’s Life too Late…… LIVE Today !!!

This is my life as I see it, I feel it and I am living it. I am very grateful to ALLAH for everything and I am also thankful to everyone who make my life worth living , Love you all !!!
Dhananjay Parmar
I will keep updating my particular blog, since Life is all about continuous learning !!!

Hi dear friend’s,
This is just poem and shayari,

Do U Know How Friendship Ends ?
Both Friends Will Think DaOther Is Busy & Will Not Contact,
Thinking It May Be DisturbingAs Time Passes Both Will
Think Let Da Other ContactAfter Dat Each Will
Think Y Shud I Contact 1st
Here U’r Love Will   
Be Converted To Hate
U 4get Each Other One Fine
Day U Will Meet & Blae 1 Another

So Keep In Touch Wid U’r
Dhananjay Parmar
Friendz & Pass Dis 2 All U’r Friendz.
Sabse badi jindagi hai,
Jindagi se bada pyar hai.
Pyar se badi dosti hai,
Dosti ek afsana hai.
Nibhao to apna hai,
Aur bhool jao to sapna hai.
Dhananjay Parmar
`Ye message unko send karo
Jinka jindagi bhar aapko sath chahiye.
Mene to kar diya
“You are the best friend of my life”
I will never forget you.

ay khuda ek bar us shakhs k hwale kar de "DHANANJAY" ko . . .
k apne seene se wo ek baar lga le "DHANANJAY" ko . . .
bikhar gy ha "DHANANJAY" toot kar kai tukroon mein . . .
dai tofeeq use k wo aa k sambhale "DHANANJAY" ko . . .
ya to us ka sath ata kar "DHANANJAY" ko umer bhar k liye . . .
ya to chup chap apne pass bula le "DHANANJAY" ko . . . . ! !"DHANANJAY" AMEEN!!!

Dhananjay Parmar
“Mahobbat karnewale woh mareez hain,
Jinhe marz maloom hai, lekin ilaj nahi.”

Take Care, Thank you,