Friday, November 22, 2013

Typhoon Survivors Safe From Hunger

Dhananjay Parmar
Dhananjay Parmar
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Credit : (In This Post) : This photo, article supplied byWorld Food Programme 
Taken in Tacloban City / Date : 21st - November - 2013 - Thursday

In the days and weeks after an emergency, it's critical to make sure kids have enough nutritious food to eat. Here's how we're doing that for kids in the Philippines in the wake of Typhoon Haiyan.

High-energy biscuits are a nutritious snack that packS all the vitamins and nutrients small children need to stay healthy. They're light, easy to transport and don't need to be cooked, which makes them perfect for emergencies.

So far, WFP has dispatched enough rice and high-energy biscuits to areas of the Philippines hit by Typhoon Haiyan to feed nearly 2 million people.

Providing food is a critical part of the emergency relief effort in the areas hit hardest by the typhoon, where the power is still out and the food markets are closed.

33,000 people in Dagami municipality, just an hour's drive from Tacloban City, where lines of communications have been cut since Super Typhoon Haiyan struck in mid-November. WFP is delivering rice and high-energy biscuits through the Philippines Department of Social Welfare and Development.

This little girl and her family are among many people living in outlying areas who came to Dagami after the typhoon in search of assistance.

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It's critical in the days and weeks after an emergency to ensure that small children like these have enough nutritious food to eat.

Dhananjay Parmar
Dhananjay Parmar