Monday, November 15, 2010

Mumbai Ghatkopar Jain Vardhaman Sanskar Dham

Dhananjay Parmar

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Mumbai Ghatkopar Jain Vardhaman Sanskar Dham
Ghatkopar Mumbai (ASIA)
Jain Vardhaman Sanskar Dham

“Shree Arihant Krupa”
Organized by Vardhaman Sanskar Dham on the occasion of Shree Bhuvanbhanusuri Birth Centenary
“Arihant Krupa” is resting place for those who are approaching evening of their lives…
“Arihant Krupa” is an effort to be ‘Shravan’ for old, diseased and weak people…
“Arihant Krupa” is a scheme for delivering Mid day Tiffin Meal to elderly and weak jain people staying alone in Ghatkopar area…
Childhood and old age are two phases of life where one needs warmth.. Our youth who are over impressed by western culture are missing out in taking care of their old parents, leave alone worshiping them.. This is a humble effort to avoid such parents staying hungry and in grief. Vardhaman Sanskar Dham has initiated this by providing good wholesome meal once in a day. Presently, approximately 20 families are beneficiary of this scheme.
The identities of these elderly people are kept confidential to respect their self esteem.
Any one interested in contributing to this initiative may contact the following persons:
(1) Prakashbhai 093201 02272
(2) Dineshbhai 098203 32030
(3) Vinodbhai 098701 33351

Shree Mahavir Khichdi Ghar
Param Pujya Panyas Shree Chandrashekharvijayji visited Ghatkopar before 2.5 years. He is too compassionate about poor and starving people. Out of this, he appealed the jains residing in Ghatkopar area that jains are rich and wealthy with all luxuries around while these people have to sleep with an empty stomach. This, in no way, can be tolerated and something should be done sincerely in this respect.
Shree Mahavir Khichdi Ghar was initiated based on this inspiration from Gurudev. Today, around 80 to 100 poor and needy are served with full lunch comprising roti, sabji, rice, banana and sweets (occasionally) between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm through a mobile van. Approximately 70,000 people have been served food so far. This might be the first mobile van serving food to poor.
We often visit the remote areas inhabited by Adivasis and slums to serve clothes, utensils, pulses / cereals and cash.
With blessings from God and Guruji coupled with co-operation from people, this activity is progressing in an excellent manner so far and we wish the same continues too.
The token contribution for a simple meal for a day is Rs. 2,500/- and a meal with sweets is Rs. 3,500/-.
We request and anticipate that all will make adequate efforts to feel content and accumulate punya by providing food for the starving poor people.
Shree Mahavir Khichdi Ghar is an initiative by Vardhaman Sanskar Dham.

Dhananjay Parmar